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Stand Up For Children, Inc.

At Stand Up For Children, Inc. we believe that reading is the gateway to learning and opportunity for Louisville’s kids.

We are committed to helping children read. It is our core principle that every child deserves a bright and successful future by learning to read well.

We are dedicated to the teaching and the encouragement of a natural love of reading and students taking ownership of their learning!


Our mission is to help children read. When parents read to their children beginning at birth it helps a child to begin and acquire needed literary skills. We intend to support the parents as they become the children’s first teachers.


Our vision is a community full of students that read well by the end of the third grade and are prepared to achieve their unique and full potential and to become life long learners.

Making an Investment in Children

The single most significant factor influencing a child’s early educational success is an introduction to books and being read to at home before KINDERGARTEN. Reading to young children activates their brain in the same area they will use later when they learn to read on their own. Yet 61% of low income families do not have a single book in the home that is suited for a child. Lack of access to books leaves many students starting school up to two years behind their more affluent peers in language and literary skills. Some children never catch up.

Thanks to your support, we can close the achievement gap and impact children from birth and on a regular basis during the first five years.